Business leaders of any field who focus solely on what´s happening right now and what their direct competition is doing will eventually be blown out by new players who view radical innovation as an opportunity rather than a threat.

Technology believed impossible a few years ago is now ubiquitous. 
Solutions that seemed promising yesterday are now obsolete. We make sure to know what´s already out there and map out megatrends to figure out what´s ahead. We also participate in different foresight conferences and summits around the world. With that in our pocket we can help you with the creation of different future scenarios for your business. 

What we do:
○ Put near term disruptive technologies into perspective.
○ Explore potential impacts of new technologies on your business
○ Mapping your business field against megatrends
○ Brainstorming and foresight sessions
○ NOW sessions (what´s already out there....)

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