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Passion for tech ...

With Debugger, great expertise comes with an even greater passion for IT and technology as a whole. This passion is why we feel it makes sense for us to help other companies with what we love, so that they instead can focus on their passion and on how to fulfill their dreams and goals.


for people ...

Part of being a consultant is to constantly meet new people and clients. However, we never loose touch with those who have been with us since the beginning. We take great pride in the long relationships we have with our established clients, some of them over 25 years, and see them as recognition of our personal approach, commitment and quality.

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... and the future

For more than half a century the rate of technological advancement has been exponential. Being able to witness the fastest ever technological progression in human history is a great privilege. Being able to take part and tap into the new potentials this progression brings is even better. To tinker, try, dream and implement. This is what we love, and what we get to do on a daily basis. This is why this is the best business in the world.